Era o ilustrare a relaţiei pe care Manovich o semnalează referitor la transmiterea şi receptarea informaţiei în spaţiul cibernetic, accentuând schimbările care se petrec la nivelul comunicării. În ciuda acestor argumente, percepţia asupra lor — ca fiind net. Intervine aici o problemă destul de interesantă: dacă lucrările artiştilor sunt scoase din situ-ul Internetului, mai sunt ele net. We can have memory implants that are in our mobile phones and notebooks. Carroll writes about map, which " … has never been spread out, yet. Formele geometrice astfel obţinute sunt rânduite în funcţie de parametrii aritmetici ai programului.

It seems like it may be fully understood only for the Google Earth and other similar applications users. The role of symbol as such is not a new problem then. In my opinion the problem is: where is the interface? Who is in charge of it? What happens to such notions as: space, object, location? Which additional knowledge is required from a viewer to participate in such projects? Both are based on fiction, however it is useful to recall them.

Carroll writes about map, which " … has never been spread out, yet. So we use the country itself, as its map, and I assure you it does nearly as well. It had been so perfect already that it could not be developed any further, so the next generations decided to abandon it.

Polish theoretician of culture and new media, Andrzej Gwóźdź, writes about the shift of speed ​​dating clipart signs in the movies, but his theory can be applied also to the media as such. He states that a sign does not refer to the real in the onthological meaning anymore, but to itself. He call it the self-reference of the simulacres. As the term simulacrum, derived from Baudrillard is a keyword here, I would like to comment on this case.

Henceforth, it is the map that precedes the territory — precession of simulacra — it is the map that engenders the territory.

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She used billboard spaces in Poznań and Warsaw, which are normally covered by some commercial content, and made them transparent, using the photograph of this very place, or to speak more precisely, of the real space that was covered by the billboard. Having done this very simple action, Kesicka 7 Andrzej Gwóźdź, Obrazy i rzeczy.

Film między mediami, Universitas, Krakówp. Can we repair the gaps in the reality like that? Another example is Self-Portrait with a Webcam by Josef Klammer in which the author has identified the city webcams and stood in front of them with a notebook, searching for his image in the Internet at the same time. Where was he in fact? Henceforth, it is the map that precedes the territory — precession of simulacra — it is the map that engenders the territory ….

The neoanalog objects that have a virtual background but are actually a rehash fit this description surprisingly well. Is it a comeback or a strike back then? Where it speed ​​dating clipart back from?

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The neoanalog attitude is all about giving material shape to the immaterial signs and symbols that are derived from the virtual world, to which they were implemented straight from the realm of imagination. Andrzej Gwóźdź identifies the intertextual practices in the 9 ibidem. As the materiality strikes back, yet in a different meaning, we all have to balance between the medium and its coded message, and to encode it sometimes we have to play the role of the interface.

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Gwóźdź, op. Stanford University Press,pp. Stocker, Gerfried, Schoepf, Christine, ed. Gwóźdź, Andrzej, Obrazy i rzeczy. Film między mediami, Universitas, Kraków What we have witnessed in such a short time is a radical change in the ways we perceive ourselves, the ways we communicate to each other, and cultivate new kinds of relationships — from Web 1. Reinventing the absolute self on Web 2. Unlike textually based interactions of Web 1. Moreover, the interactions brought about by social networking have opened a new chapter on the issues of body and embodiment by reinserting the body as a variable in the equation of self construction.

Keywords: digital space, social networks, identity play, narcissism, body, friendship Constructing of self and identity play online can be divided into and analyzed through two distinct but mutually intertwined modes of interactions. The first one refers to interactions that took place on Web 1. Cyberspace have become a new sphere of interaction where users, free from the limits imposed by the physical body, merge with digital environment and begin an endless game of re-creating the self in unpredictable synergetic flows.

There is no fixed position of identification and identities are only transient roles in already speed ​​dating clipart culture. They can be chosen, changed 11 Infinite datascape is one of the ways William Gibson describes the term cyberspace which he coined in his now famous novel Neuromancer. ISSN — Speed ​​dating clipart Irregulaf F © All rights reserved 52 Digital culture — Software Theory - Net-Art and discarded at will and we can be who or whatever we want in cyberspace by selecting an existing or constructing a new avatar we identify with.

However, whether our avatars represent us the way we are in real world or we chose the identity play of becoming someone or something else, all online identities in textually or graphically based environments are in fact constructs because it is not possible to determine whether online identity matches that of physical reality.

The sense of freedom and lightness of being belongs to disembodied, fragmented and deconstructed identities in cyberspace that seem to overcome the crisis of embodied, physical reality. Our machines can represent us in imaginary worlds, put us in artificial landscapes and make us forget about the real world.

Digital space is abstract, ahistorical and free from the corporeal, leaving no space for authentic bodily functions. The subject is thus redefined and repositioned within this specific experiential reality that requires a completely different and new cognition as the ISSN — Copyright Irregulaf F © All rights reserved 53 Digital culture — Software Theory - Net-Art notion of subjectivity as well as language are being deconstructed.

In the process of becoming a cyber subject, the subject is no longer a coherent whole or the center, the starting point of exploration, but an object in a multitude of objects.

Any data can be converted into a different kind of data. It is a formula that embodies even the ontological instabilities and changes because it redefines and expands the experiential domain and definition of human.

Besides expanding the body and bodily functions which allows more efficient control of and production in digital space, the fusion of biological speed ​​dating clipart technological has the ability to relocate the body from its immediate living environment into the newly created nonlinear worlds in which the rules of physical reality do not apply. Cyberspace is thus seen as a kind of imaginary solution to real contradictions between the body and subject, public and private, real and virtual.

Phenomenologically and rhetorically, then, the subject is broken down in the zones of cyberspatial simulation, there to await its reconstitution amidst these fields of data. A cyberspace body, like a cyberspace landscape, is immune to blight and corruption. The screen has clearly separated the two spaces in such a way that we perceive physical reality as real, and virtual reality as an ISSN — Copyright Irregulaf F © All rights reserved 55 Digital culture — Software Theory - Net-Art imaginary realm in which we project our imaginary aspirations through identity play.

Identities became a sort of a carnival mask that, at the time it is on, it liberates the subject from behavioral responsibility. As such, virtual identities on Web 1.

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Social networks represent not only a new way to define the self and perform identities but also a new paradigm of social interactions ISSN — Copyright Irregulaf F © All rights reserved 56 Digital culture — Software Theory - Net-Art given that they encourage creation of online profiles that correspond to who we are offline. Web 1. One can still create a fake profile, but the point of social networking is to connect and keep up with friends and family as well as with people with similar affinities and mutual interests.

As the most popular social network with more than half a billion members, Facebook is constructed for users to upload personal photographs and data such as date and place of birth, education, interests, etc, and by doing so, our physical reality is being transported or transcoded into virtual.

What we have is the hybridization and biologization of media through integration of activities we have in material world speed ​​dating clipart virtual surroundings. By giving personal information and uploading textual, audio and visual files we become our own avatars while our profile becomes our external memory.

At the same time we acknowledge, approve and get approved by other users of social networks. In other words, while demonstrating our existence and making ourselves more visible and more significant, we simultaneously document our lives, ideas, speed ​​dating clipart, affinities and friendships on social networks.

Connecting with people via social networks has many positive effects but, on the other hand, there is an important issue pointed out by Sherry Turkle concerned whether the constant connectivity with a large number of people is often confused with creating relationships that really matter, thus reducing the capacity to create deeper connections.

The architecture of 12 The term image in the context of social networking can be both as a image as a visual representation, and b image as an overall individual performance which tends to leave the desired impression.

In order to determine closer the qualitative differences between friendships we cultivate on social networks, Alan Rolle points to three different types of friendships as defined by Aristotle in Nicomahean Ethics, Book VIII : Friendships of utility that last only as long as a person serves a purpose; Friendship for leisure and amusement usually based on common interests but as the interests change, friends change, too. Rolle ISSN — Copyright Irregulaf F © All rights reserved 59 Digital culture — Software Theory - Net-Art Friendships on social networking sites however include all three types of friendships and more than that, but most of them are those superficial ones of the first and the second type.

Models of communication are defined and shaped by the medium of social networking, i.

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  3. Digital Art vs.
  4. Calaméo - Irregular F, No 8/ Vol. III/ Digital Culture – Software Theory – Net-Art

Given that online interactions do not fall under geographical and demographical conditions and limitations of the physical reality, they are therefore devoid of any liability typical of belonging to a community or group in physical reality. Gradually, we become addicted to such interactions when being continually connected turns into a bare necessity. As Sherry Turkle observes, people cannot get enough of each other but only in the amounts we can control, only when we can hide from each other while being continually in contact with each other.

By doing so, we keep each other at a perfectly measured distance and are thus never alone. Such relations reflect a desire to avoid the demands and risks of close friendships such as insecurity, vulnerability, or any other feeling of discomfort.

So instead, we choose quantity over the quality of contacts. Even if one does share such content, the reaction one gets is usually an speed ​​dating clipart silence as opposed to the countless signs of approval through likes and comments that accompany humorous or generally positive content shared, which could indicate a lack of empathy in relationships we cultivate on social networks.

To put it simply, the moments when one shows weakness, insecurity, sadness, and a need for support and closeness, one is basically alone regardless of being connected via a network. There is no place for authentic thoughts and feelings of this kind because they drastically differ from the overall constructed image of self, i.

Such a radical reduction of mental and emotional states leaves the bodily expression of these states dumbed down, even expressionless. Emoticons and abbreviations have become a kind of universal formulae applicable to everyone.

But devoid of their bodily and language expression, isolated and cut off from their physical aspect, they are nothing more than a simulation on the surface of the screen.

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In this regard, by compulsively adding more and more contacts in order to satisfy the attention craving self, one can easily enter the process of objectification of others. Others exist just so that the ideally constructed self does never have dating levi jean jachete be alone as well as for it to absorb as many approvals as possible.

On the other side, Baraniuk also introduces aspects of narcissism discussed by Christopher Lasch which are based on the assumption that looking up to favoured celebrities, idealized politicians, etc, could result in unfounded belief 13 Robert Ezra Park In social interactions, the roles and identities were performed and contextually, consensually and discursively conditioned long before the internet, as shown in extensive writings of Erving Goffman, Judith Butler, Michel Foucault, and many others.

Grandiose self-conception is a mask driven by suppressed anger, self-hatred or lack of confidence, it is a mask that uses other people as a means speed ​​dating clipart self-affirmation while seeking at the same time their attention and approval. Subconscious erosion of dignity coupled with the quantity of social achievements is the key elements of narcissistic behavior on social networks. Additionally, for the self to be ideal and perfect, it also has to be acceptable for the majority of contacts and therefore self- censored and reduced to the scope of socially acceptable norms of behavior where excess is not an option.

Panopticon is a prison building dating from the late eighteenth century in which the cells are arranges around a central tower where guards are located. Because of the lighting in the cells, prisoners cannot see inside the tower or know whether there are guards in the tower and whether they are being watched.

Not knowing if they are being observed, the inmates control their behavior themselves and do step outside the scope of permitted conduct. How often, or on what system, the Thought Police plugged in on any individual wire was guesswork. It was even conceivable that they watched everybody all the time.

But at any rate they could plug speed ​​dating clipart your wire whenever they wanted to. You had to live - did live, from habit that became instinct - in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized.

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A similar pattern of behavior is can be traced within social networks where users themselves carefully sanction their behavior, i. When this inappropriate conduct is itself satisfying in some way, as is often the case, then one commonly finds it indulged in secretly, so that, in a sense, the performer is able to forgo his cake and eat it too. Users sort their own groups and can chose which shared content is visible to which group.

In this way, the role of the screen as a boundary between the two realms becomes irrelevant once the perception of virtuality and reality is equalized - the two converge and form a single space.

Identity constructed for online interactions is therefore a hybrid, a morph of real identities and desired virtual constructs. Integration of physical existence in digital space has initiated the symbiosis process of body, mind and senses with machines. In other words, human identity is combined with the technology and outlines the emergence of cyborgian identities. Paradigms of dualism are replaced with pluralism, industrial society with information society, and anthropocentrism with symbiosis of existing and imaginary species.

The screen is a portal that enables us to be with one another, to be telepresent to one another and, no matter how permeable and irrelevant as a boundary it has become, it is still speed ​​dating clipart in establishing interactions through digital space.

However, it should be noted that, even though the qualitative step has been made toward merging the two realities, the body and bodily functions and sensations are still being left out from seemingly limitless possibilities of virtual interactions that are distal and disembodied.

As long as these interactions occur only on intellectual and visual level, they can never be fully realized without being assimilated through the body because we are in the world through our body.

So, if the body is our medium of perceiving the world MerleauPontywhy should we deprive it of its function instead of letting it absorb this newly created bio-technological environment and express itself within it? For only as ISSN — Copyright Irregulaf F © All rights reserved 71 Digital culture — Software Theory - Net-Art embodied subjects can we fully perceive experiential integration of real and virtual realms as well as our real and virtual selves in those realms.

Nikomahova etika Zagreb: Globus Baraniuk, Chris Bukatman, Scott Cadigan, Pat Foucault, Michel Gibson, William New York: Ace Books. Goffman, Erving Haraway, Donna Katherine Online Seriale si Filme Filme Online full hd cu subtitrare in romana. Cele mai noi seriale tv, Pentru un Start de nota 10, elevii pot accesa produsul educational ExamenulTau.

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