Vitals: Temp. De la o persoana activa si plina de energie am cazut, peste noapte, ca o musca. O sa fiti surprins si de ospitalitate si de ce veti afla. God, you must help me. No evidence of intestinal inflammation or obstruction.

No evidence of intestinal inflammation or obstruction. Lymph nodes-multiple nonenlarged retroperitoneal or intraperitoneal lump nodes. Pelvis: Bladder-normal.

The left ovary contains a 2. The right ovary is normal and measures 1. So far, no answers, no diagnosis.

Diagnoses; Abnormal urinalysis. Witalis, ND. Frustrated with the lack of answers from the western medicine field, I tried a Naturopathic doctor in Seattle, a medically brilliant doctor who lacked the social skills side of life. I was there to get healed. I was there for answers. She told me I had swine flu symptoms, meningitis symptoms, a fatigued heart, fatigued kidney, and liver, a collapsed immune system, and anemia.

So far she was the first one to have some answers. I was diagnosed with anemia about 15 years earlier, including Vit. D and B deficit, so her last suggestion was spot on. All symptoms were still lingering. The naturopath doctor put me on a big dose of Prenatal vitamins with Copper right away, EpiCor helps with excessive blood loss and All-Zyme. Ordered a neurotransmitters test, hormonal test, and a cortisol test.

Elizabeth, my new neighbor, and friend who is so very kind in helping me with all my doctor appointments, at least the far away one. Oh God, what is this? Doctor pe baza naturala. Ea mi-a zis ca john bytheway dating 911 e foarte slabita, probabil am meningita care sa provocat de la gripa porcine, rinichii si ficatul toxic, sistemul imun foarte slabit, anemie. Iara-si teste, si pastile pe baza naturala.

Simptomele inca persista, am zile bune si zile rele, dar ma simt slabita non-stop. Am nevoie sa ma conduca cineva la programari de doctori, prea slabita sa conduc eu. Ma pus pe vitamine Prenatale, doza maxima imediat cu Cupru. Ma ajuta. She suggests a colonoscopy and upper GI Endoscopy; diagnostic Epigastric pain, Periumbilical pain, Weight loss, unintentional lb.

Still very nausea, weak, cold extremities, cold lips, no color in the face, fast heartbeats during the night time.


A little more energy and weight gain from the vitamins. Vitals: BP. Non-stop greaturi, slabita, alba la fata, piciore, miini si buze reci, pala la fata, bataii rapide de inima predominant in timpul noptii, slabire in greautate, dar un pic de energie ridicata de la vitamine.

Associated Diagnoses: UTI urinary tract infection. Witalis N. Test results and supplements. Serotonin Glutamate is a powerful excitatory neurotransmitter that is released by nerve cells in the brain. It is responsible for sending signals between nerve cells, and under normal conditions, it plays an important role in learning and memory. Excess brain glutamate is believed to cause numerous symptoms, including: hyperalgesia pain amplification, a key feature of FMS anxiety.

ADHD-like symptoms, such as inability to focus. The hight histamine means John bytheway dating 911 have no tolerance for anything synthetic. The cortisol levels start low in the morning, drop dramatically around pm and start going up after 10pm. DHEA is low, That means it does not regulate the body temperature the way it should be, this also, in the normal range, helps to repair the body, bones, temperature stabilizer, gives energy, keeps muscles lean, among other things.

Hormone test; Estradiol is low, less than 1. Rezultatele de la Doctorul Naturalist; Imbalanta hormonala, la glandele adrenaline is systemul nervos. Tratament; 6 suplimente naturale.

Got insurance! Life Wise. Am asigurare medicala, la lucru am prins puteri un pic dar imi dau seama ca ceva nu este in regula cu sanatatea mea dar nimeni nu-mi da un raspuns clar.

Office visit. Emotional status: beyond frustrated. Not much was done in this appointment besides a medical history and regularly consults. Waste of time and money.

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Viisoreanu Delia. Chief complaint: palpitations, chest pain, nausea. Holter monitor x 48 hours ordered, consider cardiology consultation. New Lab work. EKG shows normal sinus rhythm.

Heart listening to the heart and lungs with a stethoscope: Normal S1 and S2. Regular rate and rhythm. No audible murmur, gallop or rub. No carotid bruits. No lower extremity edema bilaterally. Lungs: CTA bilaterally. Emotional status: I feel stronger and more energy due to the antibiotics for the UTI. I can pick up the workload and have been springy and hopeful.

Doctor nou intern, la alt spital.

Afterward, many things simply changed and I fought with a frailness I still despise. In a way, this thinking awarded me with a healthy amount of resilience. Uitindu-ma in trecut, imi dau seama ca am avut simptome de la muscatura de capuse ani de zile. Au inceput dupa ce am cazut la pat intr-un stagiu de inconstienta cu o temperatura extrem de ridicata, trei zile si trei nopti pe perioada anilor Inainte fugeam -ca atleta- la concursurile de viteza si rezistenta, facind parte din primii 4 pe scoala, binenteles dupa Lala care era foarte buna.

Teste noi de singe si inima. Echo stress test- Interp.

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Elizabeth Y Chan MD. The patient exercised on a treadmill according to the Bruce protocol for 10 minutes and 0 seconds. Emotional status; relieved yet puzzled. Happy to see myself getting better, still struggling somewhat but very hopeful. Maybe this was just a weird reaction to me starting work. Colonoscopy and Endoscopy, Dr. Geoffrey C. Jiranek, MD, Federal Way. Upper GI endoscopy; Findings- the esophagus was normal, the stomach was normal, the examined duodenum was normal.

Colonoscopy; the exam was otherwise normal on direct and retroflection views. Hand notes; poor reaction to moderate sedation. Emotional reaction; relieved.

Conclusions; sinus rhythm, average heart rate 75 beats per minute, maximum heart rate beats per minute, minimum heart rate 48 beats per minute, rare premature atrial complexes, rare premature ventricular complexes, one couplet, one episode of second degree av block type 1, followed by two beats av block at 5pm, no symptoms.

Results: slightly elevated heartbeats a john bytheway dating 911 times during the night but I should not worry. Come back if symptoms persist. Monitor de inima- 48 de ore- Rezutat- batai de inima un pic ridicate in timpul noptii, dar sa nu-mi fac griji, daca simptomele persista sa vin inapoi pentru alt test. Ma simt mai bine, iau doar suplimentele naturale de la doctorul naturalist, si pentru prima data prind sperante de insanatosire.

Medication administered: sodium chloride 0. Diagnoses- Lightheadedness. I began with low Oxygen when I got there, but nothing significant otherwise.

However, since they released me as I was walking towards the exit of the hospital I noticed something was wrong with the way I walked, I could not keep a straight line, I kept walking into the walls on the sides, my legs felt funny, my neck and head began to twitch slightly and I began to feel a little confused.

Хотя агентство имело возможность потребовать от переадресующей компании открыть ему имя этого клиента, оно решило прибегнуть к более изощренному методу - «следящему» устройству.

I thought it was due to the stress of what I just went through. A week later I was still the same, could no longer walk in straight line, twitching of neck and head, lots of pain in the back of my neck, fatigue, began to be confused, began to not talk, had a hard time holding on to a straight line of thoughts, forgot a lot of words, miss-placed words in sentences, I thought I was going crazy.

Am lesinat la serviciu, au chemat ambulanta, nu mai raspundeam la sugestiile lor, nu mai eram constienta, mau dus la spital unde au facut alte teste. Test de singe, raze la cap, EKG inima. Rezultat- normal infara de oxigen care a fost scazut o perioda de timp. Dupa ce mi-au dat drumu, pe coridorul spitalului spre iesire am observat ca nu mai mergeam drept, ci tot timpul ctre peretii de ling mine, caput si gitul au inceput sa-mi tremure intr-o parte, si eram un pic confuza.

Dar am crezut ca era de la stresul experientei. O saptamina mai tirziu si inca nu-mi revenisem, nu mai puteam sa merg in linie dreapta, incepuse-mi sa fiu confuza, sa nu-mi mai aduc aminte cuvinte de zi cu zi, nu mai vorbeam, mi-era greau sa inteleg conversatii, vorbeam pe sarite, am inceput sa cred ca-mi pierd mintile. In acelasi timp compania unde lucreaza Chet are probleme, nu-l mai plateste in timp, ia scazut orele, lucreaza numai pentru stocuri, traim numai de ce am putut pune deoparte pentru zile negre, ca astea, in acelasi timp datoriile medicale cresc.

A follow-up to the ER trip. I know myself, and this is not a cry for attention. I was far too happy at work to make up such a horrible syndrome.

Vitals: Ht. Emotional status: devasted. I can no john bytheway dating 911 return to work. Findings: normal MR brain.

john bytheway dating 911 viteza datând pe cont propriu

The left vertebral artery is a large vessel. There is no left vertebral artery occlusion or stenosis seen.

FOTO​REPORTAJ Un roman la San Francisco. Prima data in SUA - Hotnews Mobile

The left basilar artery is unremarkable. Neurologist specialist consult. This was done on June 25th and the brain appears normal on MRI without any evidence of ischemia, demyelinating disease or mass. The MR angiogram of the neck and head is normal with the exception of what appears to be a complete absence of the right vertebral artery.

The radiologist suspected that this is a congenital variant. I reviewed the image and would agree with the radiology report. She is fully oriented to self, place, time and purpose. She does not have dysmetria in the legs. Assessment: This woman has had episodes of syncope occurring every several months since she was a teenager. Most likely, this is benign due to vasovagal drops in blood pressure or other benign conditions.

It is possible that she has a more significant problem occurring. She does appear to have only 1 vertebral artery which is most commonly a congenital variant, although could be residua of previous vertebral artery dissection or other condition that could result in chronic stenosis or occlusion.

It is possible that with just 1 vertebral artery, she is more prone to syncope with neck movement, although this is not a condition that is easily remedied. A seizure disorder remains possible, although the descriptions of her episodes are not entirely consistent with that. Nonetheless, the electroencephalogram might be helpful to elucidate this. Plan: CT angiogram of neck and head to help to clarify her cerebral vascular anatomy including if she truly has an absence of the right vertebral artery.

Consult cu specialist neurologist, a observat ca partea stinga raspunde mai incetul decit partea dreapta, a recomandat mai multe teste si electrolytes. Results- right vertebral artery is very small in caliber but does appear- possible from birth. Tomografie computerizata la cap, au gasit artera dar e forate mica nedezvoltata. Palpitations complain. Diagnoses: Syncope vasovagal syncope. Rash: follow up with Dr. Viisoreanu if symptoms persist. Lab work including an ANA titer.

Cold and in a hurry. A large rash over the trunk of my body. By now I can no longer return to work, drive or think straight. Meanwhile one of john bytheway dating 911 brothers was dating lake south tahoe the emergency again, this has been going on the past six months with at least three visits per month.

My mom is in the emergency as well, blood pressure stuff.

Unele lucruri scrise in articol sunt umflate rau. Butonul "cashback" eu nu stiu ce este si traiesc de 10 ani aici. Reducerile se aplica automat cand ti se scaneaza produsele. La orice magazin exista si oameni care iti scaneaza produsele in cazul in care nu te descurci. In orasul in care traiesc eu mocheta aia jegoasa de care amintesti tu nu este deloc prezenta.

Simtome noi; iritatie de piele de la git pina la buric, confuzia mentala se inrautateste, imi pierd abilitatea de a gindi clar, de a intelege bine pe cei din jur si de a raspunde. In acelasi timp, acasa in Romania, unul din fratii mei era in urgenta iarasi, in ultimele cel putin sase luni el a fost la urgenta cam de trei ori pe luna, nimeni nu stie ce are, a slabit puternic.

Mama are probleme de sanatate. EEG neurologic test- MD Elliott Michael A. Normal brain activity but intermittent shaking as a result of the test that lasts four hours whole body muscular visible shaking. EEG- test la cap la care se uita dupa convulsii sau epilepsie, criza de 4 ore, Diagnostic; nu stiu ce ai, creierul este okay. My first Psychologic evaluation appointment ever, only to realize this was a waste of my time, there was something wrong with my body.

Yet, somewhere deep within myself, I know something else is really wrong. I had to do this session on the phone from home. Too weak to go in. In bed all the time it seems. Had to come home early, because I was not feeling well and Teresa could tell. This was to become my last day of work at Federal Way Muscular Therapy. A very sad day for me.

The only reason I stopped going was due to the fact that I no longer could drive. The first sign of hope, after seeing him. He also takes insurance.

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I never told him what ND Witalis tolled me but his findings were along the same line as hers. I found that interesting. This was the first hope I had in months.

Like any detox, I felt absolutely horrible before I felt better. Elizabeth took me. Doctorul chinez cu tratament pe baza de plante si radacini de plante, mi-s zis; inima slabita, rinighii si ficatul toxic, anemie, sistemul imun la pamint.

Tratament pe baza de plante. Plan: cosyntropin stimulation test ordered to check for adrenal insufficiency as etiology of her fatigue and syncope, ESR, CRP, Lyme disease serology ordered, hand x-rays ordered to evaluate for arthritis, consult rheumatology to evaluate for inflammatory arthritis as etiology of her multiple joint pain.

Results of x-ray are normal. I asked the doctor to look into autoimmune diseases and I asked specifically for a Lyme disease test heard from a friend about this Lyme Disease issue. Programare la doctor- am intrebat-o sa inceapa sa se uite la boli autoimune si sa-mi faca test de Lyme boala bazata pe informatiile unei prietene. The doctor called me at home, Sunday evening.

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  3. «Скажи мне скорей, что с ним все в порядке, - думала .

I had no idea what that meant since I knew nothing of this Lyme disease. I thought one week of antibiotic would cure me and bring my life back to normal.

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Emotional status: happy that finally there was a cause to all these symptoms, yet naive enough to think it would be over soon. I picked up the antibiotic treatment-Doxycycline.

I began to feel better on the antibiotics, giving me hope. Sarbatorind faptul ca ma simt mai bine. Diagnosis: movement disorder. Jogn Roberts, Virginia Mason neurology, call neurology. Afara mergi in camasa iar in birouri trebuie sa stai cu pulovar si geaca. In Florida zici ca sunt anti-adaptati. Pe scurt, cam rasfatati, o boala descriptiv numita de cineva american affluenza.

Te-au agresat. Se intelege. Dar totusi mai vrei o data. De ce? Sau va dati seama cum am fi ajuns daca ramaneam in Romania? Daca nici San Francisco nu e interesant si omul asta atata a vazut si inteles din el, va dati seama cum am fi fost si noi, si cum trecea viata dejaba pe langa? Mi se face frica numai cand ma gandesc Continua cu mai mult curaj Ma bucur ca a descoperit atat de multe diferente cu lucrurile si locurile pe care le stia.

Acum urmeaza sa gasesca si justificari cat de cat corecte pentru aceste diferente. Mai mult curaj, mai multa deschidere si asteptam si urmatoare vizita. Ii critici dar john bytheway dating 911 utilizezi limba si aici. Mai sunt romani care nu sunt neaparat prosti dar nu stiu engleza.

Or fi soferi prosti dar nu stiu daca ai observant ca la american dating girl coreean de pietoni oresc la 2 metri de trecere si asteapta pana treci strada nu stau cu masina in c. Chestia cu WC-ul si pe mine m-a miratdar poate folosesc wc-ul ca bideu. Daca stii de unde sa cumperi totul e mai ieftin,mult mai ieftin. California e vestita ca are cele mai proaste drumuri, ca sunt saraci.

Benzina in Arizona e mai ieftina cu aproape un dolar. In Las Vegas parcarea e gratis. Deci America nu e San Francisco. La San Hose casele sunt mult mai ieftine, dar mult mai scumpe ca in Phoenix "toata lumea vrea,iar viata-i plina de daca. Prin ghetou inteleg homeless people,drogati care fug pe strazi ,oameni care se pisa i am vazut in miezu zilei pe cladire si,cei mai importanti dealeri de maetamphetamine si crack etc varog sa verificati documentare pe net,you tube.

Dupa cum MasterCard are varianta de low cost "Maestro". Du-te la banca si ia-i de gat si intreaba-i de ce ti-au dat porcaria asta care in mod normal e pt. Let me tell you a few things that you didn't see- and probably never will: 1.

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I understand you are in some car business. Let me take you to a car dealer when I buy my next car. Mergem acolo numai cu permisul de conducere si fara un cent in buzunar si in cel mult o ora plecam cu ce masina vrem fara sa platim absolut nimic si cu toate actele facute pentru 30 de zile, fara sa stai vreodata la vreo coada la politie si la fisc pentru adeverinte si dovezi. Apropo, nu exista notiunea de adeverinta sau dovada in America. Tot ce declari la angajare, de exemplu e luat drept adevarat.

Daca minti, suporti consecintele. In cazuri de justitie, o incurci rau. Cineva poate intelege America numai daca traieste in ea catva timp.

Carmen McKnight

Sunt sigur ca la a 2-a vizita, daca ne-ati anunta la vreme pe un forum, cativa dintre noi am putea sa va fim chiar gazde. O sa fiti surprins si de ospitalitate si de ce veti afla. Vorbesc de locurile pe care le frecventezi zi de zi Acolo daca apare unu la televizor si le zice de maine mancati popcorn ca s-a descoperit ca ajuta la nu's ce Lighten up people!

E vorba de impresii. Nu e stiinta. Si ca orice impresii ele sunt exprimate apodictic. Ca si cum te astepti sa fie impartasite de toti.

Daca te duci in Thailanda si ti se pun niste viermi miscatori in farfurie nu folosesti reactia politically correct "Mie nu mi-au placut" ci "A fost scarbos". Stie si el ca America nu e doar San Francisco.

It does not do justice to USA but hey E loc si pentru el si pentru voi. E loc si pentru o scrutinare superficiala ca a lui si pentru una profunda Lighten john bytheway dating 911 Si superficial. Omul a spus ca este obisnuit cu Europa, nu ca nu a iesit din Romania. II dau dreptate la capitolul stil: Europa este peste US.

In schimb este de apreciat la americani spiritul practic si dorinta de libertate mai presus de orice; americanul tipic nu concepe sa stea cu mana intinsa sau ding dc astepte ceva de la cineva inclusiv de la stat.

Asta a facut America dating sfaturi a doua date ce este azi. Nici Europa nici US nu sunt perfecte, pot invata una de la alta. Important este ca spatiul nord-atlantic sa ramana unit. Thumbs up for America! O diferenta enorma fata de felul in care romanii neaosi inteleg sa combata un subiect sau o idee. Numai asta si e suficient sa spui: Thumbs up for America!

Pai daca Don't shoot him! He's only a Romanian A descinde prima oara in SUA la Frisco e o experienta teribila pentru un tanar roman, obisnuit sa calatoreasca doar prin Europa pe banii altora, la "corporate events". Merita credit pentru acuitatea si diversitatea observatiilor, precum si multa intelegere pentru stupoarea in fata unor lucruri neobisnuite.

E de ajuns sa spun ca am detestat New York-ul dupa prima vizita acolo: veneam de la San Francisco de la 20 de grade Celsius, iar la NY erau numai si un vant teribil era luna martie. Dupa mai multe descinderi, NY mi se pare unul din locurile minunate ale lumii Am o singura observatie de fond: ar john bytheway dating 911 mai bine ca toti oamenii care scriu la Hotnews sa stie ca "ma risc" nu este o exprimare corecta!

Este doar o parere si fiindca difera de ce crede X, nu inseamna ca el este intr-un fel sau altu'. Si hai sa nu comparam experienta unui om care locuieste acolo de X ani cu cea a unui turist. Poate ar trebui sa aplicam si principiul "Agree to disagree". E inventat tot de americani Nu are rost sa ne dam in cap unii altora Dar momentan majoritatea sunt la fel de destepti ca tine, deci mai avem drum lung. Nu exista impresii obiective, dar trebuie prezentate fara a lasa sa se vada frustrare, prejudecati, ingustime de mecanic auto, etc.

Nu este o revelatie faptul ca baietii de cartier nu se pot adapta la o comunitate prietenoasa si zambitoare. Nu exista nicio justificare pentru publicarea acestui text. Sa iti faci o parare despre America intr-o vizita de cateva zile, in care n-ai vazut mai mult de un oras e ceva.

As vrea sa reusesc si eu asa ceva. Nu vreau sa jignesc autorul articlului, dar ar fi bine sa se puna un disclaimer, sa nu descurajeze persoanele care ar vrea sa viziteze SUA ca or sa aiba probleme cu dusul sau toaleta. Ma lupt cu el de ani buni si incerc sa ma schimb E vorba de lipsa de deschidere spre nou, de lipsa de acceptare. Daca vorbeste cineva cu tine seara e dubios, hai sa fugim. De asta ei sunt unde sunt si noi unde suntem.

Si prin noi se poate spune si Europa care sufera groaznic de complexul nationalitatii. Suntem nemti, la noi e cel mai bine, suntem francezi la noi e si mai bine.

Dar poate cel mai important, suntem romani si noi suntem cei mai destepti. Lasand conspiratiile la o parte, scuze In America poti ajunge milionar sau cersetor, obez sau superfit. Alegerea e in totalitate A TA. Nu se apuca guvernuld e pus taxe pe grasimi sau alte nazdravanii.

Te lasa ca tu, singur sa-ti faci asternutul. Daca e botit si neintins Un Corvette era 22 USD, toate masinile erau mai ieftina, la fel si benzina, care era cam 1. Am mancat la restaurant doar cu 10 USD am platit intrarea si am mancat cat am vrut eu.